The development of a native mobile app is a complicated process! My experience in mobile UX/UI will typically see me collaborating with a team of experts, so this service is aimed at larger international businesses.

Mobile designer in Pembrokeshire

For small businesses

For the most part, you’re unlikely to need an app to serve your customers on their mobiles. A well designed responsive website will give you enough flexibility to showcase your business on any device.

A standalone app is only really required when you need to take full advantage of the power and benefits of a mobile operating system or when you want charge for the app, for example, a game.

UX/UI designer for hire!

If you’re developing a mobile app and need a designer to work alongside your development team, please get in touch. My experience in mobile UX/UI includes Al Jazeera’s award-winning AJ+ and various other mobile app concepts, all of which I worked on whist employed by Digitalist in Helsinki. For a reference, please contact Esa Nettamo.

Mobile designer in Pembrokeshire

Feel free to email me about my services using the contact form below.