A brand is the way an individual, product or business is perceived by those who experience it. Everything associated with a brand is designed to evoke a feeling, so whilst a name and logo are important, there’s always more to consider.

brand designer in Pembrokeshire

Need a logo?

I design logos, along with anything else you need for your brand.

A logo can take the form of a logotype (business name in a snazzy font), logomark (a symbolic image/icon) or both.

A logo forms the basis of your brand’s visual identity, but to maximise the impact of your brand you’ll need a few more elements;

  • Logo versions: Along with your main logo, it’s important to have a secondary “negative” logo to display on backgrounds that don’t match your brand. This is especially important in sponsorship or co-branding situations, but also if you’re displaying your logo on top of a photo.
  • Fonts: Choosing a font (or fonts) to compliment your logo in printed materials and on your website will make a big difference to brand consistency.
  • Colours & shapes: An expanded colour palette will accompany your logo in various situations. Shapes such as coloured blocks, circles or angles can also be used on websites and printed materials to give your brand further impact.

A style guide details how to use your visual identity consistently. It takes the form of a multi page document which should be used as reference when creating something new.

When your brand is ready you’ll want to use it consistently across social media too. I can help you to produce all required profile/cover photos for your business + templates for content.

Once you have a brand you’ll probably want some designs for printed materials. Take a look here for some ideas.

Brand designer in Pembrokeshire

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